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Cordia (Bumber) Achar

40.00 (SAR)

The Cordia tree is a perennial tree that is found in some Asian and African regions and has important medicinal uses.
We make the cordia achar with a homogeneous mixture of different spices, which gives a distinct flavor that you cannot resist.
Agar uses
Agar is a kind of appetizer that is eaten with rice or with bread.

Benefits of Cordia achar:
Contributes to the elimination of some parasites.
Reduces the level of colitis and stomach ulcers, because it contains a high percentage of antioxidants.
It helps get rid of anemia because it contains a high percentage of iron.
It contains a high percentage of various vitamins that boost the immune system in the body.

Opens the appetite and gives a distinct taste to the food.

Nutritional facts.
Total protein in grams:9
Total carbohydrates in grams: 3
Total fat in grams: 17
Kcal Calories: 202/100


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