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Date Vinigar

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Date vinegar
Our beloved country is famous for the cultivation of many types of dates.
The palm is one of the blessed trees that were mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Many different and delicious types of dates are produced from it.
Here with Laziza, we make from natural and healthy date vinegar with great and multiple benefits.
We use date vinegar in making salad dressing and it is also used in many dishes in addition to its therapeutic benefits.
Date vinegar benefits:
It cleanses the body of toxins and increases stomach acid to get rid of harmful bacteria, especially if we drink a tablespoon with a glass of warm water from the early morning on an empty stomach.
Strengthens blood and raises hemoglobin.
It strengthens the immune system as it helps the body to get rid of free radicals.
Maintains heart health by raising good cholesterol.
It helps in treating sore throats, rids you of phlegm, and cleanses the mouth of unpleasant odors.
It helps to lose weight as it gives you a feeling of satiety.
It gives the body vitality and eliminates the feeling of fatigue.
Facilitates the birth process.
All of the above benefits are possible only if date vinegar is used regularly.
Nutrition Facts:
Total Protein: 15
Total Carbohydrate: 7
Total Fat: 0
Calories Kcal: 88/100


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