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Pickled garlic

35.00 (SAR)

Garlic is a family of bulbs and leeks, and it is one of the most known vegetables for thousands of years, as it was cultivated in various parts of the world and ancient civilizations knew it and known its therapeutic properties and great benefits, and the pickling process enhances the therapeutic benefits of garlic and increases.

Its benefits are with choosing the type of vinegar used in pickling where we use date vinegar or Rhamnus vinegar.

Benefits of pickled garlic

  • It contains a high percentage of antioxidants that rid the body of toxins and protect them from infection with many diseases.
  • Improves liver performance and detoxification.
  • It combats useless cholesterol and eliminates grease.
  • It contains many enzymes that eliminate fungi and improve the immune system in the body.
  • It contains sulfur compounds, the most important of which are allicin, as it improves the biological properties in the body.
  • It contains compounds that reduce high blood pressure and maintain the level of cholesterol in the body and protect the heart from strokes, as it improves blood circulation performance.
  • It contains countless vitamins and minerals, especially after adding natural vinegar to it.

Nutrition Facts

Total Protein:  (gm) 7

Total carbohydrate (gm): 7

Total Fat (gm) : 0.10

Calories Kcal : 57/100 gm


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