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Goat Whey

8.00 (SAR)

Whey is the liquid that is left over after the curd has separated.
Whey is high in proteins that help in muscle growth.

Benefits of goat milk whey
1- It contains a complete set of amino acids that the body cannot produce itself.
2- Leucine, one of the amino acids, works to form muscle protein, helps in growth, and also prevents inflammation of fatty tissues in the liver.
3- It contains many enzymes that transport nutrients to cells and help raise the body's resistance to diseases.
4- An important component for athletes, as it helps in building muscles.
5- healthy choice for the elderly, as it reduces the risk of muscle atrophy, which causes a loss of balance in walking.

Uses of whey
1- substitute for milk or in addition to it.
2- add it to juices.
3- Use it in cooking, add it to doughs or soups.
4- add it to sauces such as white sauce or other types of sauces.

Nutritional facts
Total protein in grams: 20
Total carbohydrates in grams: 0
Total fat in grams:1
Kcal Calorie 89/100 gm


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