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The Pistachio Arabic Ice-cream With Goat Milk and Organic Sugar

25.00 (SAR)

This ice cream is suitable for people who have problems digesting the milk sugar lactose.
We make it using organic sugar.

Benefits of The Arabic Ice Cream:

It contains sucrose providing the body with the necessary energy.
It contains a lot of oils volatile with natural scents, which helps to relax and improve mood
It contains many mineral elements, especially calcium
It helps to eliminate stomach disorders
It contains a large amount of calcium, which helps to strengthen bones and teeth, fights osteoporosis, and helps in building muscle.
It enhances the role of beneficial bacteria in the body due to the presence of pistachios in it
Pistachio helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Nutritional facts

Total protein in grams: 8

Total carbohydrates in grams: 9

Total fat in grams: 12

Calories Kcal: 176/100 gm



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